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Where is my key?
Your key can be found on your invoice. Invoices are sent to your email and can also be found under order history in your Play-SC account.
If you can only see a broken image file (red X) on the emailed invoice, then please login to your Play-SC account and go to the order history.
If your order status is 'Queued', please check the next point.

Why is my order queued?
This happens very rarely due to either the game you've ordered is temporarily out of stock or your order got queued by our anti fraud system and is awaiting manual approval.
Keys which are out of stock will usually be restocked on the same day.
Orders which were queued by our anti fraud system will be approved within a few hours.

How to download my game?
Please read this article.

I tried to redeem my code but got the message it's invalid.
First of all make sure, that you redeemed your code on the right platform. Read this article about how to download your game.
If you had tried to redeem on the right platform, make sure you've entered the code correctly. Some keys come as scans and occasionally it can be hard to distinguish between Q, O, 0 or 8 and B.
Sometimes a scan also contains two codes, one for the game on top and one for a DLC at the bottom. Redeem one after the other. Don't combine them to one code.
If you need any assistance, contact us.

I tried to redeem my code on Steam but it keeps saying the game is not available in my country.
Some Steam keys can only be redeemed in specific countries
To activate your key, you have to use a VPN. Instructions can be found here.