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Sims 3 Error

Due to some technical issues an error message pops up for all Sims 3 products which says you have to activate your game on thesims3.com.
When you tried to activate the key on Origin, the game has been added to your account, but it doesn't show up and you receive the error message.

The only way to fix this right now, is by contacting the EA Live Support.

Tell them you have purchased the boxed version of the game (not the download version, because its purchased directly through Origin and comes without a key, while you've got a key from a retail box) and tried to activate it via Origin and then getting this error message.
They will ask for your EA account email address and the key. After that they will activate the game properly, so you can see it in your account.

Here is the link to EA's Live Chat:


Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We're all hoping EA will fix this bug soon, because all Sims 3 buyers currently get this error message.